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The types of Dewatering Screen of Luoaygn LZZG.

Oct. 19, 2017

Dewatering Screen is a kind of high efficiency Dewatering Screen, mainly used in tailing dry discharge, fine ore dehydration, coal mud separation and other industries。It is widely used  machinery equipment in the market. In the development of Dewatering Screen, it also has a lot of related new produ…


How to distinguish the quality of the Fine Sand Recycling Machine?

Oct. 14, 2017

In recent years, Fine Sand Recycling Machine has been popular with users because of its low cost and good effect. How to distinguish the quality of the Fine Sand Recycling Machine when buying the machine?   Welding process, carefully check the welding of key parts of the Fine Sand Recycling Mac…


How to install the bearing of vibrating screen.

Oct. 10, 2017

The bearing of the vibrating screen is a key part of the vibrating screen equipment. It is used to connect the various parts of the vibrating screen, and the friction force is also the largest. The importance of correctly installing vibrating screen bearings Work environment of bearings of vibrating…


Scientific and reasonable fine sand recycling machine is more efficient.

Sep. 27, 2017

The material humidity, specification and the demand of material production have a great relationship with whether the fine sand recycling machine is more efficient.   1.material of hydraulic: due to the different type and degree of hard stone, the users choose sand recycling models before, must…


How to choose suitable Tailing Dewatering Screen

Sep. 23, 2017

Tailing Dewatering Screen is a new generation of Tailing Dewatering Screen developed by longzhong heavy industry. It combines the advantages of the fine sand recycling machine and tailing dry screening, which has the function of dry discharge recycling. It is mainly used for the dehydration process …


How to solve the waste water treatment in artificial sand?

Sep. 19, 2017

Tailing recycling screen is widely used in artificial sand production line, which is a patent product made by Luoyang LZZG. The machine is installed at the rear end of sand washing machine. The main function is to solve the problem waste water discharge by sand washing machine.   The tailing re…


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