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Brief Introduction of 900t/h Granite Stone Powder Washing Project

Dec. 24, 2022

The role of cleaning stone powder, granite needs to be crushed and sand-made, screened and washed to make powder before it can be used in the corresponding industrial field. Therefore, customers have higher requirements on the overall performance of the equipment, cleaning rate and energy consumptio…


Is probability sieving suitable for sieving coal?

Nov. 09, 2022

According to the principle of probability sieving, probability sieves are mainly divided into self-synchronizing probability sieves and inertial resonance probability sieves. At present, self-synchronous probability screening is used in the field of coal classification, which is mainly used for the …


Equipment for composting and screening organic fertilizers

Nov. 02, 2022

The raw material for composting is solid manure. The sources of solid manure are dry clean manure and solids separated from "bubble manure" by solid-liquid separation method. To achieve solid-liquid separation, the most widely used and the best separation effect is mechanical separation. Mechanical …


Sand washing machine to prevent the loss of fine sand

Oct. 31, 2022

The fine sand recovery type sand washing machine is developed to reduce the serious loss of fine sand in the sand washing process. It consists of a separator, a dewatering screen, an impeller separator, a reducer, a slag paddle pump, and a cleaning box. Dual function of sand washing machine and fine…


Types and characteristics of pyrophyllite

Oct. 18, 2022

The main mineral of alabaster pyrophyllite is pyrophyllite, accounting for 90% of its composition; the others are chalcedony, limonite, diaspore ceramics, carvings, fillers, coatings and refractories. The main mineral of diaspore pyrophyllite is pyrophyllite, the secondary mineral is diaspore, and i…


What equipment is used for coal preparation

Jul. 09, 2022

Taoshan Coal Preparation Plant was completed and put into operation in October 1989, with an original design capacity of 1.8 million tons of washed raw coal per year. The main product is grade 10 smelting clean coal, and the by-products are washed coal, washed and mixed medium block, coal slime, coa…


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