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Linear Sieving Machine for sand making, 300tph capacity

Sep. 25, 2021

Multi-layer linear vibrating sieve separator available in two, three and four layers. At present, single layers can not meet the needs of customers, such as grading and other process requirements. Both require a multi-layer linear vibrating screen. The linear sieving machine can be used for dry and …


Clay and dust washing machine for sand making plant

Sep. 22, 2021

Clay and dust washing machine is a multi-functional sand washing equipment that integrates sand washing, dewatering and recycling, which is designed and developed by our company for sand, stone powder, and other materials with high mud content in sand and gravel washing industry. The clay and dust w…


Sludge dewatering equipment of the sand making plant

Sep. 18, 2021

The sludge dewatering equipment in the sand field adopts a split structure. The length of the thickener can be designed according to the moisture content of the sludge and user requirements to achieve a better dewatering effect. This equipment outputs the muddy water formed by the mud water in the s…


The cost and market prospects of sludge treatment

Sep. 11, 2021

Data shows that the scale of treatment of China's urban sewage treatment plants has ranked first in the world. According to statistics, my country's sludge production has exceeded 60 million tons in 2019 (calculated with a moisture content of 80%). It is estimated that my country's annual sludge out…


Spiral sand washing machine blade manufacturer

Sep. 08, 2021

Spiral sand washing machine blade instruction The current methods of manufacturing spiral blades include: unit price stamping and welding forming, rolling forming, cold drawing forming and other methods. Smaller, it has great potential in saving energy. For blades with a thickness of 6mm or more, ou…


100 tons sand washing machine, effectively removes stone powder

Sep. 04, 2021

100 tons sand washing machine effectively removes stone powder After communicating in detail about after-sales, quality assurance, debugging, maintenance and other links, Mr. Hou and Longzhong Heavy Industry signed a contract for the LZ30-65 sand washing and recycling integrated machine. According t…


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