Is probability sieving suitable for sieving coal?

Date: Nov. 09, 2022

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According to the principle of probability sieving, probability sieves are mainly divided into self-synchronizing probability sieves and inertial resonance probability sieves. At present, self-synchronous probability screening is used in the field of coal classification, which is mainly used for the preparation and final screening of raw coal. This type of probability sieve has the characteristics of large screen hole (the size of the screen hole is 2~10 times the size of the separation particles), short screen surface (screen surface length 1.4~2.0m), multi-layer screen surface (3~6 layers) and large inclination angle (30 ° ~ 60 °), etc., and the screen surface overlaps with each other, the inclination angle of the screen surface increases from top to bottom, and the screen hole size decreases layer by layer.


The probability sieve can divide coal with high external moisture (more than 7%) and large fine sludge content (0~50mm) into 4 granular products (0~6, 6~13, 13~25 and 25~50mm). Because the size of the screen hole is 2~10 times of the separation particle size, the processing capacity is large, the hole plugging is reduced, and the equipment is small in size, occupies less space and is convenient for maintenance. When the external silica coal with 7%~14% moisture is screened with a 6mm graded particle size, the processing capacity can reach 160t/h, and the screening efficiency is more than 80%, which is a better screening equipment for wet fine-grained viscous materials. The disadvantage is that in order to improve the screening efficiency, when screening fine-grained materials, it is necessary to increase the screening area by setting a multi-layer screen surface, and the height of the screen box is high, therefore, its structure is not suitable for the current vibrating screen large-scale, large processing capacity development requirements, and the probability screen belongs to approximate screening, the screening accuracy is relatively low, only suitable for occasions where the screening accuracy is not high.

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