Gypsum washing and wastewater treatment process

Date: Jul. 28, 2021

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Process overview: Desulfurized gypsum from power plant undergoes primary washing, transportation, cyclonic separation, and filtration, and then enters secondary washing, transportation, cyclonic separation, and filtration to produce water content of 10%-15% and chloride ion below 400mg/kg. The finished gypsum is transported and used.

After the gypsum dechlorination, the wastewater passes through the filtering and concentration module, and the filtered water can be returned to the washing tank for use, and the remaining concentrated waste liquid is transferred to the evaporation zero discharge process.

Process characteristics

1) High quality plaster

2) Good treatment effect, zero discharge of wastewater

3) Modular processing system, three major systems to solve problems

4) Small footprint

5) The module runs reliably and the failure rate is low

6) The overall process is simple

7) Low operating cost

8) Easy to install and easy to maintain

9) Reduce civil foundation construction and investment

10) On-site construction is small, shortening the on-site construction period

11) Reduce the debugging time of single equipment

12) Avoid the limitations of separate device connections

13) Fully automated control, greatly reducing labor costs

Plaster washing

In the limestone-gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization process, the material balance of the slurry circulation system of the desulfurization device, the soluble part of the flue gas, that is, the chlorine concentration, exceeds the specified value, which affects the quality of gypsum. The chloride ion content in the original gypsum of Henan Hebi Power Plant has reached 1800mg/kg, which must be washed through secondary washing. During the washing process, comprehensive control of washing water volume control, washing water circulation control, washing water utilization and distribution, etc. can be used to dissolve the chloride ions in the gypsum. Put the gypsum chloride ion into the washing water to reach the standard below 400mg/kg.

Wastewater treatment and reuse

The graded treatment and reuse of washing wastewater can increase the number of reuse and reuse rate of wastewater. Effectively reduce waste water and at the same time reduce the company’s primary water consumption. The comprehensive utilization of wastewater is realized.

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