The reason for the slow discharge of the dewatering screen

Date: Jul. 31, 2021

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Analysis of the reasons for the slow discharge of the dewatering screen:

1. The width and length of the screen

Under normal circumstances, the width of the vibrating screen determines the processing capacity of the screen. The wider the screen surface, the greater the processing capacity. The length of the screen determines the screening efficiency of the screen. The longer the screen surface, the higher the efficiency. However, increasing the width and length of the vibrating screen is usually limited by the structural strength of the screen frame. Excessive width and length not only do not improve the efficiency much, but on the contrary make the life of the screen frame shorter. The processing capacity and screening efficiency of the sieve are two interdependent indicators that must be considered at the same time. Generally, after determining the screen width, the screen length is determined according to the aspect ratio.

2, the angle of the sieve plate

The screen box of the high-frequency dewatering screen should be installed horizontally and horizontally. If the horizontal level of the screen box is not balanced, the screen surface will be offset to a certain extent, and the material will not be able to flow in a straight line; the screen plate of the dewatering screen is mainly Part of it is 5° in the horizontal direction. The rear of the high-frequency dewatering screen is at a 45° angle to the main board. Two balanced vibration motors are installed horizontally, one on the upper end of the other. The rotating effect produced by the unbalanced gravity during rotation makes The work of the sieve is very stable. If there is a problem with the installation angle of the sieve plate, the vibration strength will also be affected, which will result in non-feeding phenomenon.

3. the spring rigidity is too large

When the rigidity of the support spring of the screen box is too large, it is easy to cause the material to be subjected to excessive excitation force and produce violent vibration. If the support spring is damaged, the uneven force of the material will also cause abnormal flow of the material.
Dewatering screen 6.jpg

4. the screen is broken

The high-frequency dewatering screen’s long-term and high-efficiency working use will cause the screen to be damaged, and the material cannot flow normally on the screen.

5. Mesh size, shape and aperture ratio

The larger the sieve hole, the higher the processing capacity per unit sieve area, and the higher the screening efficiency. The size of the grid mainly depends on the purpose and requirements of the screening. For a conventional screen with a larger particle size, the screen size is usually equal to the screen size; however, when the required screen size is smaller, the vibrating screen screen should be slightly larger than the screen size; for approximate screening, the screen is larger than the screen size Much larger. The shape of the undersieve obtained from the round and square sieve is relatively regular, and the flake and strip particles are easy to leak from the rectangular sieve. Therefore, rectangular meshes are usually made smaller.

6. the material is uneven

When the feed of the high frequency dewatering screen is uneven, the material cannot be subjected to the uniform excitation force, so it will also cause the phenomenon of abnormal flow of the material on the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen.

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