Calculation of processing capacity of circular vibrating screen

Date: May. 26, 2021

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YK circular vibratory screen

With the increasing popularity of modernization, the application field of vibrating screens is also becoming wider and wider, and people’s requirements for production are more and more precise. What type of vibrating screen is selected, the production is suitable, and the cost-effectiveness is the highest. More and more attention, here is how the vibrating screen manufacturer can calculate the processing capacity of the vibrating screen for you:

1. Calculation method of processing capacity:


Where Q: processing capacity, unit t/h

b: the width of the screen, in m

h: the average thickness of the material, in m

γ: Bulk density of materials, unit t/m3

v: material running speed, unit m/s

2. The calculation method of the material running speed of the linear vibrating screen is:

v=kv*λ*ω*cos(δ) *[1+tg(δ)*tg(α)]

circular vibrating screen

3. The calculation method of the material running speed of the circular vibrating screen is:

v=kv*λ*ω2*(1+ )*α

Where kv: comprehensive experience coefficient, generally 0.75~0.95

λ: Single amplitude, unit mm

ω: Vibration frequency, unit rad/s

δ: Vibration direction angle, unit °

α: The unit of inclination of the screen surface °

4. Dynamic load: P=k*λ

Where k: spring stiffness, unit N/m

λ: Amplitude, unit m

P: dynamic load, unit N

The maximum dynamic load (total vibration load) is calculated as 4 to 7 times the above result.

The above is a brief method for calculating the processing capacity of a vibrating screen. It can be seen that the size of the vibrating screen mesh, mesh density, vibration frequency, material gravity, material viscosity, and percentage of sieved material are the most relevant to the sieve weight.

LZZG YK series circular vibrating screen is vibrated by circling motion. It is a high efficient sand vibrating screen for filter materials into multiple grades according to the gravel size.

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