Installation steps of quartz sand ball mill

Date: May. 22, 2021

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Quartz sand ball mill is composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotating part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other main parts. The inner lining and grinding balls are made of silica, high-alumina, and rubber materials to reduce the inclusion of iron and other impurities in the quartz stone grinding process to ensure purity.

The type of grinder depends on the medium: the medium is a ball mill with a metal ball, a rod mill with a steel rod, a self-mill with the ore itself as the medium, and a mill with ore or gravel as the medium. Gravel mill.

For the basic design and construction of the ball mill, please refer to the ball mill assembly drawing and foundation drawing. In order to ensure that the position accuracy of each component of the ball mill does not change greatly during use, the foundation of the ball mill should adopt a monolithic structure.

ball mill in silica sand plant

Before hoisting, the ball mill should be fully inspected and accepted in different parts, and problems should be dealt with in time.
1. Please refer to the main shaft assembly drawing for the specific requirements of the main bearing part.
2. Refer to the assembly drawing of the rotating part for the barrel part.
3. For the transmission part, please refer to the assembly drawing of the transmission part.
4. Refer to the assembly drawing for the overall relative position.

The ball mill can be installed on the concrete foundation after the compressive strength reaches more than 75%. Prior to installation, the quality of the foundation should be inspected. It is required that the concrete has no defects that affect the strength, the number and location of the reserved holes meet the requirements, and there is no debris, water, and oil in the reserved holes. When the “ground wire method” is used for installation, the “center target plate” should be buried on the surface of the foundation. Before installation, draw all centerlines on the foundation and make eye-catching punch marks on the “center target board” as the centerline reference during installation.

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