Advantages of using high frequency vibrating screen in sand production

Date: Oct. 09, 2021

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As the most advanced screening equipment, high frequency screen has many advantages and features, mainly as follows:

(1) Compared with the traditional screening equipment, the high-frequency screen not only has a higher vibration frequency, but also has a smaller vibration amplitude, which can quickly complete the screening task.
(2) It can reach several times the vibration intensity of traditional screening equipment, and there will be no phenomenon of aggregate blocking the sieve holes.
(3) There are a wide range of screening, most of the aggregates can be screened through a high-frequency screen, and can also be self-cleaned.

Comparison of equipment performance characteristics of high frequency screen and ordinary vibrating screen
Comparison of frequency, amplitude and motion trajectory parameters between high-frequency sieve and ordinary traditional sieve
We mainly conducted a comparative study on three kinds of screening equipment, namely linear screen, circular vibrating screen, and high-frequency screen. By comparison, we found that the highest frequency of these three screening equipment is the high-frequency screen, which can reach 3-5 times that of the other two. The ordinary circular vibrating screen is higher than the linear screen. The linear sieve has the highest amplitude, the circular vibrating sieve is stimulated, and the high-frequency sieve has the smallest amplitude. The trajectory of the linear screen is generally a straight line or a broken line, the circular vibrating screen is generally an irregular elliptical motion trajectory, and the high-frequency screen presents a zigzag motion trajectory.

Comparison of mechanical performance between high frequency screen and ordinary circular vibrating screen
According to various performance comparisons, we found that the high-frequency screen has a very big advantage in terms of the output of the screen material, which can reach about 3 times of the traditional screening equipment. The traditional circular vibrating screen can achieve a screening effect of about 80%, but the high-frequency screen is higher than the traditional screening equipment. Traditional screening equipment is basically only suitable for the screening of wet materials, but high-frequency screens can basically deal with all aggregates and have a wider range of applications.

Compared with environmental performance, the high-frequency screen has the advantages of low dust and low noise. When the screen needs to be replaced, the high-frequency screen can be quickly replaced, which makes the screening equipment more efficient. The main defect of the traditional circular vibrating screen is that the screen is prone to clogging. This phenomenon will not occur in the high-frequency screen, which enhances the working efficiency of the screening equipment. High-frequency screens continue to have more efficient work efficiency, as well as lower installation costs and energy consumption, and better implement the national sustainable development concept. Through the specific comparison of the above aspects, we found that the high-frequency screen fully meets the actual needs of the sand and gravel system engineering and can be widely promoted and used.

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