Method for controlling water content of machine made sand

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How to control the moisture content of manufactured sand and the shortage of sand and gravel is a situation that every sand and gravel person has to face, and we are constantly planning and building new manufactured sand production lines to meet the demand for construction sand and gravel in various regions, and many new ones have been launched. Sand and gravel enterprises have the problem of more or less experience. Before we talked about the maintenance of various types of crushers and other issues, today we will talk about some small knowledge about the production of finished products.

To know that there are relevant requirements for the moisture content of machine-made sand, how to effectively control the moisture content of machine-made sand, I believe that many people who have just built a factory do not know the method, today we will tell you a few.


The first is the method of controlling the moisture content of the stockpiling area

There is also a mixture of dry sand and new off-line wet sand into the finished product stacking area, which can effectively reduce the moisture content of the wet sand quickly. Build a roof in the finished product stacking area and add a drainage ditch at the hardened bottom so that the water will naturally condense and flow out when the finished product is stacked.

Equipment control moisture content

The use of dehydration equipment can remove most of the water in the machine-made sand. Generally, the machine-made sand that has been treated with a dewatering screen can be reduced from 20% to 10%, and the effect of using vacuum or centrifugal dehydration equipment will be better, but the initial equipment investment It will be bigger.

Usually, the raw materials with large water content are first placed in the storage yard for drying. When the materials are placed for a few days, the water content will naturally decrease, and then they will be processed. However, the number of days of storage varies according to different materials. Generally, the higher the stone powder content, the greater the water content, the longer it takes.

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