Trouble shooting of perforation and rupture of circular vibrating screen

Date: Dec. 01, 2021

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Causes of perforation and rupture of circular vibrating screen

1. The design of the screen reinforcement is unreasonable

The screen has 7 longitudinal narrow stiffeners and 6 longitudinal wide stiffeners, and the rupture and perforation positions of the screen are mostly at the position of the 7 longitudinal narrow stiffeners. If the screen stiffeners do not completely coincide with the supporting beam. It can directly wear the screen mesh, causing the screen to accelerate the cracking and perforation.

2. Failure to replace worn support beams in time

After the support beam of the vibrating screen is worn, sharpening, deflection and unevenness will occur, and the sharpened part is like a knife edge. When the vibrating screen vibrates at high frequency, the sharpened, deviated and uneven support beams will continuously impact, wear, and cut the reinforcing ribs of the screen, causing the screen to rupture and perforate prematurely.

3. There is a problem with the feeding amount

In the production process, if there are phenomena such as uneven feeding, excessive feeding drop, and excessive feeding flow, it will cause the screen to rupture and perforate. If the screen feed is uneven, it may cause excessive force on the screen mesh; if the feed drop exceeds 300mm or the feed flow is too strong, its impact on the screen will be greater.

4. The quality of the screen is unstable

The screen is made of polyurethane material, and it is mass-produced by mould casting process. Due to changes in the proportion of ingredients, fluctuations in the forming temperature, and differences in the quality of the operators, the quality of the screen may be unstable, resulting in a decrease in the wear resistance, flex resistance and load-bearing capacity of the screen.

5. Improper installation of the screen

The screen is tensioned and fixed by bolts on the left and right sides of the screen frame. The screen is installed on the supporting beam, and the reinforcing ribs of the screen should be completely consistent with the supporting beam. If the extension length of the bolts on the left and right sides of the screen is improperly adjusted when the screen is installed, the screen stiffener will be misaligned with the support beam, and the contact between the stiffener and the support beam will decrease and the support area will be reduced. The pressure will increase, which will cause rupture and perforation at the junction of the screen mesh and the narrow stiffener.

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According to the analysis of the reasons for the screen mesh’s rapid rupture and perforation, the following 5 preventive measures can be taken

1. Improve the feeding conditions, reduce the feeding gap, reduce the feeding flow, and make the feeding uniform.

2. Sign a quality assurance agreement with the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the screen supply.

3. Improve the installation quality of the screen, so that the screen reinforcement and the supporting beam are completely consistent to ensure the supporting area of ​​the screen.

4. Replace the worn support beams in time.

5. When there is no new support beam to be replaced, laying waste bicycle tires between the screen and the worn support beam can reduce and avoid the wear of the screen by the sharp corners of the support beam. This emergency measure has extended the life of the screen by more than two months, and the replacement cost of the screen has been greatly reduced.

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