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Date: Nov. 24, 2021

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sand nozzle

Cyclone is a device that uses fluid pressure to generate rotational motion. When the slurry enters the cyclone at a certain speed, it is forced to make a rotary motion when it encounters the wall of the cyclone. Due to the different centrifugal force, the solid coarse particles in the slurry are subjected to a large centrifugal force, which can overcome hydraulic resistance and move toward the wall, and under the combined action of their own gravity, spiral downward along the wall, thin and small Particles and most of the water are subjected to small centrifugal force, so they rotate with the slurry before they get close to the wall of the vessel. Driven by the subsequent feeding, the slurry continues to move downwards and to rotate, so the coarse particles continue to concentrate toward the periphery, while the fine particles stay in the central area. The particle size becomes larger and larger from the center to the wall to form a Layer arrangement.

 sand nozzle

Judgment criteria and debugging methods for whether the cyclone is in normal working condition:

The following is a brief description of how to adjust the working status of the cyclone:
⑴ The overflow concentration is small and the fineness is fine. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the pressure or adjust the concentration of the ore, and the small grit nozzle can also be replaced to meet the requirements. …
⑵ Large overflow concentration and coarse fineness. At this time, the requirements can be met by increasing the pressure and adjusting the concentration of the ore, or by replacing the large sedimentation nozzle. However, the above adjustment cannot rely on only one method to adjust, because this may make the cyclone work not normal and stable enough.

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