The working principle of the thickener

Date: Jan. 12, 2022

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Why can the sewage thickener purify the washing sewage

With the help of the gravity of the solid particles, the pulp is divided into two parts: clarified liquid and high-concentration sediment. This process is called concentration.

deep cone sludge thickener


During the concentration process, the ore particles suspended in the slurry settle down due to their own gravity. At the moment when the subsidence begins, the ore particles sink with acceleration under the action of gravity, and then the resistance of the water increases due to the acceleration of the sinking speed of the ore particles, causing the acceleration to gradually decrease, until the resistance of the water increases to the same level as the ore particles. When the gravity of the ore particles is equal, the acceleration of the ore particles sinking is also reduced to zero, so the ore particles will settle at a constant speed, which is called the final sedimentation speed.

If the concentration of the concentrated ore pulp is small, the collision and interference between the ore particles can be ignored when they settle, and this kind of settlement is called free settlement; The resulting mechanical resistance is relatively large, and the settlement at this time is called interference settlement. In addition to the resistance of water, there is also a mechanical resistance between the ore particles, so the final settlement velocity of the interference settlement is smaller than that of the free settlement, which is why the ore particles settle faster in the slurry with a smaller concentration, and in the concentration The reason for the slower settling of ore particles in larger slurries.

sewage thickener for sand washing water treatment

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