Quartz sand production line with 30,000 tons output annual

Date: Jul. 07, 2021

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Quartz sand and silica sand use: manufacturing glass, refractory materials, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, ceramics, abrasive materials, casting, and quartz products are used in construction to have a strong ability to resist acid media. Concrete and acid-resistant mortar. As the core raw material of silicon raw materials, quartz sand plays an irreplaceable and important basic role in the production and supply of silicon raw materials.

First, the stone material is initially crushed by the coarse crusher, and then, the produced coarse material is transported by the belt conveyor to the fine crusher for further crushing. The finely crushed stone material enters the vibrating screen to screen out two kinds of stones to meet the requirements of the sand making machine. The grain size of the gravel is divided into the machine-made sand, and the other part is returned to the finely broken. Part of the stones in the sanding machine is made into sand, which is cleaned by the sand washing machine (optional) to make finished sand, and the other part is broken again by the sanding machine.

sand washing plant design

Processing of quartz sand production

Mechanical feeding
(1) The loader loads the mineral raw materials into the wool bin; (2) Manually controls the uniform exile, and transports the mineral raw materials into the flat conveyor.

Plane conveyor transfer
(3) The plane conveyor uniformly transfers the mineral raw materials to the 1# belt conveyor.

1#belt conveyor transmission (over magnetic)
(4) The 1# belt conveyor transfers the mineral raw materials into the high-efficiency fine crushing machine after being over-magnetized.

Broken Exile
(5) The high-efficiency fine crusher crushes the raw materials and discharges them into the 2# belt conveyor.

2#belt conveyor transmission (over magnetic)
(6) The 2# belt conveyor transfers the crushed ore materials to the 1# screening machine after magnetically.

Screening, diversion
(7) After sieving by the sieving machine: flow the online ore raw materials (extra-specification) of the first layer of screen
Put it into the 5# belt conveyor, transfer to the 1# belt conveyor after being magnetized, and then transfer to the high-efficiency fine crusher after passing the 1# belt conveyor to be crushed again. The finished product of the second-layer screen is discharged into the 3# belt conveyor after being over-magnetized, and then transferred to the 1# warehouse for irrigation and storage. Exhaust the online ore raw materials of the second layer of screen into the 1# hoist.

Device installation
The civil construction area of ​​this project is 4000 square meters, which are the main workshop and auxiliary workshop respectively. The plant must be equipped with ventilation, constant temperature and humidity and dust collection equipment to meet the needs of clean workshops. The main factory building is arranged in a rectangular shape from east to west. It is planned to place production supporting equipment such as hoists, vibrating screens, air compressors, and low-voltage electric control cabinets in the plant.

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