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Date: Mar. 03, 2022

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Mobile crusher is an advanced machine in mine crushing machinery, which solves the problems of small site area, difficult movement and long construction period for users. More and more users begin to use this crusher.

mobile crushers

The mobile crusher adopts two types of chassis, tire and crawler. Since there is a lot of construction waste and the distribution is relatively scattered, the tire-type mobile crusher is often used to deal with the construction waste. After it has processed one place, it is directly driven to the next place, which is very convenient for transfer; and the crawler mobile crusher is often used for more Complex environments, such as mountains, forests and wetlands, climbing up hills, etc.

The overall configuration of the mobile crusher is relatively complete, and even one or more vehicles are a production line, which can work immediately after leaving the factory. Its feeder, main crusher and screening machine can be directly mounted on a mobile machine according to user requirements, with a reasonable structure Compact, saves space and footprint. In addition, its main crusher is flexible in configuration and can handle a variety of ores.

There are many models of mobile crushers, but it is recommended that you buy more than 50 tons/hour, not more than 300 tons/hour. The larger the output, the larger the size of the crusher and the heavier the weight. On the one hand, it occupies a large area and is inconvenient to transport. On the other hand, when crushing materials, the impact on the frame is also greater.

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