How to reduce the wear of slurry pump impeller

Date: Aug. 18, 2021

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1) Improve and optimize the hydraulic design of the pump
In the selection and hydraulic design of the pump, the anti-wear performance requirements of the pump are fully considered. For example, in the selection of slurry pumps, priority is given to pumps with lower speeds; in the hydraulic design of the pump, appropriately increasing the blade inlet angle of attack and reducing the blade outlet angle can reduce the uneven abrasion of the impeller blades.

2) Surface treatment technology

The early ceramic coating technology widely used was to coat glass enamel on the surface of the metal substrate. After high-temperature sintering, the enamel and the metal are physically and chemically reacted to form a firm bond. The overall mechanical strength of the metal and the surface The glass has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, easy cleaning and decoration. It is mainly used for the surface of steel plate, cast iron, aluminum products, etc. Now many new surface treatment technologies have emerged, such as through high-speed flame spraying (HVOF) technology Adding tungsten carbide and cobalt, nickel, cobalt-chromium alloy and other composite material coatings on the surface of the impeller, chemical vapor deposition boron coating technology is used for thermal spraying of complex parts that are difficult to spray. These technologies can form an extremely hard surface layer on the surface of the impeller, which increases the abrasion resistance of the pump.

3) Research on anti-abrasion materials

In order to prevent and reduce the wear of solid particles on the flow parts, in addition to improving the design of the pump and controlling the operating conditions, improving the wear resistance of the flow parts of the pump itself and developing anti-wear materials are also an important way to solve the wear .

Generally speaking, anti-abrasion materials should have the comprehensive properties of high hardness, strong toughness, uniform quality, fine crystal particles, compact structure, high tensile strength, and high fatigue limit, as well as processability and weldability. For example, high-chromium alloy cast iron, which has high hardness and excellent wear resistance, is mainly used in the manufacture of mud pumps, slurry pumps and impurity pumps, but requires special processing equipment.

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