Utilization of construction waste recycled aggregate

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Every weekend, many Beijing residents choose to relax in Yongding River Leisure Forest Park. On the open space on the north side of the park, the 600-square-meter pools covered with “sand” are eye-catching. The media has publicly reported that these “sand” used to purify water are recycled filter materials obtained after the treatment of construction waste, mainly from three construction waste resources in Sujiatuo Town, and Sijiqing Town in Haidian District, and Shahe Town in Changping District. The total consumption of construction waste recycling products exceeds 60,000 tons.

At the site of the above-mentioned construction waste recycling project, construction waste is crushed and screened to generate high-quality recycled aggregate (aggregate is also called “aggregate”, the granular material that plays the role of the skeleton and filling in concrete and mortar), and then produces All kinds of recycled products can achieve the purpose of reducing, recycling and recycling construction waste, and the utilization rate of recycling can reach 95%.

construction waste making aggregate line

Recycled aggregate is a way of recycling solid waste. The recycled aggregate has a high foundation bearing capacity after being stirred and rolled according to a certain gradation and can be directly used in projects such as weak foundations, shaft backfilling, roadbed cushions, water treatment, and site dust suppression. It can also partially or completely replace natural aggregates to produce recycled inorganic mixtures, recycled bricks, recycled concrete, and other products. Relatively speaking, recycled aggregate produced from waste concrete is favored by the market due to its high strength and low production cost.

There are many other uses for the recycling of construction waste, such as reclaiming roadbeds, backfilling mines, and piling mountains for landscaping. Under the new urban development concept, urban construction pays more attention to environmental protection benefits, and mountain landscaping has become a new topic in ecological city construction. Construction wastes such as concrete, sand and gravel, slag, and lime soil can meet the consumption demand of landscape construction after being treated.

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