Scrubbing machine cleans silica sand with high efficiency

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The scrubbing machine is mainly used for the dispersion of mineral mud, the removal and scrubbing of impurities on the mineral surface. The cleaning strength is high, the groove structure and impeller configuration are different from those of traditional equipment, the groove is lined with wear and corrosion resistance, and the impeller is made of wear-resistant materials, which has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Attrition Scrubber-CX0.25

【Feed size】: ≤10mm.

[Equipment volume]: 0.25-4*2m3.

【Treatment capacity】: 2-100t/h.

[Scope of application: The equipment has been widely used in sand mining fields, mines, construction sites, highways, road and bridge construction, concrete mixing stations, water conservancy and hydropower, chemical, and other industries.

【Applicable materials】: quartz sand, silicon carbide, limestone, barite, potassium albite, wollastonite, dolomite, calcite, limestone.

[Applicable production line]: The production line of river pebble sand making, granite split sand making, limestone crushing and grinding, basalt crushing sand making, coal gangue crushing and sand making and other material production lines are also suitable for other scrubbing industries.

How the scrubber works
The pulp enters the scrubber cavity through the feed pipe. Under the strong stirring action of the impeller, the slurry produces violent turbulence. The ore particles have huge momentum, and they produce violent friction and collision with each other. The impurity film wrapped on the surface of the mineral particles is easy to peel off the mineral surface after friction and impact due to its small strength.

The cement on the mineral surface is soaked in water, and then by the strong friction between the mineral particles, the collision will loosen and break, so as to achieve the separation between the clay and the mineral particles. These film impurities and clay are broken and exfoliated into the mineral slurry, which can be separated after subsequent desliming. In the actual production process, different agents should be added according to the actual situation of the minerals.

The motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the pulley (clockwise from top to bottom), the blade generates a negative pressure area, the material is fully stirred and washed, and then pushed out by the blade, flowing along the barrel wall, due to the continuous feeding of the material, the scrubbing material is continuously discharged from the outlet, complete Scrub work.

Features of the scrubber
1. Simple structure, large volume and small footprint. Low peripheral speed and long service life. The power consumption is small, the scrubbing and stirring intensity is large, and the effect is good.

2. The impeller is located above the slurry sedimentation area, which is easy to start, and the starting power is small, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

3. The double-slot scrubbing machine can be manufactured in different positions according to the relative position of the motor according to the user’s needs.

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