Reasons and solutions for the refeed materials in the jaw crusher

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When the jaw crusher has a failure of returning materials, it is necessary to find the cause of the failure first, and then deal with it accordingly.

1. The problem of the crusher itself

The parts of the crusher do not match the size of the drawings, such as the length, thickness of the jaw plate, the length of the bracket, the angle of the bracket, the size of the inner cavity of the frame, etc., resulting in inferior products; after long-term use, the angle between the two jaw plates is greater than two Double the friction angle, so that there is no enough friction between the material and the jaw plate to overcome the upward force of the crushing force, and the material is squeezed out by the vertical upward force and slides towards the direction of the feed port.

Jaw crusher

2. Unbalanced material force

The vertical force of the material to be broken in the crushing cavity is easy to be unbalanced, and under the action of the upward component force, the phenomenon of material returning is easy to occur.

3. The width of the discharge opening is too large

For the crusher of the same specification, the larger the width of the discharge opening, the more likely the phenomenon of material return will occur. During the crushing process, the material is in direct contact with the jaw plate, resulting in friction. The more serious the wear of the jaw plate, the greater the possibility of material return.

4. The size of the material to be broken is too different

When the size of the material to be broken by the crusher varies greatly, it is easy to return the material.


1. According to the material situation, use the crusher of the appropriate specification.

2. When the jaw plate is worn and the material is returned, it should be repaired or replaced with a new jaw plate in time.

3. When the particle size of the material is too different, it is screened first; the coarse crusher is used for preprocessing, and then the fine crusher is used for finishing, which can ensure the processing requirements of the material.

4. Add a wedge-shaped backing plate at the joint surface of the movable jaw and the movable jaw plate to reduce the angle between the two jaw plates, so that the angle between the two jaw plates is less than twice the friction angle, and the phenomenon of returning material is eliminated.

5. A guard plate can be welded above the feeding port of the jaw crusher to prevent the material from flying out of the feeding port and endangering the personal safety of the operator.

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