What equipment is used for coal preparation

Date: Jul. 09, 2022

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Taoshan Coal Preparation Plant was completed and put into operation in October 1989, with an original design capacity of 1.8 million tons of washed raw coal per year. The main product is grade 10 smelting clean coal, and the by-products are washed coal, washed and mixed medium block, coal slime, coal gangue, etc. In the 20 years since its establishment, the Tao processing plant has accumulated 34.88 million tons of washed raw coal and produced 13.45 million tons of clean coal. Through continuous technological innovation and perfect scientific management, in recent years, the annual washing and processing capacity has exceeded 2.6 million tons, and the annual clean coal output has exceeded 1 million tons.

According to the design specification of coal preparation plant and the current development of coal preparation technology, in order to make full use of precious coal resources, to ensure the advanced nature, forward-looking and system reliability of technology, on the basis of fully learning from the advanced washing and processing technology at home and abroad , After scientific investigation and demonstration, Seven Coal Company decided to change the original jig roughing and dense medium selection process of Taoshan Coal Preparation Plant to full dense medium coal preparation method. Cyclone. The specific transformation projects include the installation of one large-diameter non-pressure feeding three-product heavy medium cyclone, four large linear vibrating clean coal removal screens, three medium coal removal screens, one gangue discharge medium removal screen, and eight Clean coal, medium coal and gangue magnetic separator, one slime dense medium cyclone, seven final clean coal, clean slime and final medium coal centrifugal dehydrator, as well as corresponding power distribution system and automatic production control Retrofit etc.

It is expected that after the renovation and commissioning, the Taoshan Coal Preparation Plant will not only improve the clean coal yield and product stability rate, but also significantly increase the production capacity compared with the original process, reduce production equipment, and reduce power consumption and maintenance costs. Greatly improve labor productivity, reduce production costs and improve economic benefits.

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