Can the highway project use 100% Artificial Sand?

Date: Nov. 10, 2021

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Is machine-made sand used to repair highways, is it reliable?

Recently, the first extra-long tunnel of Jingwen Expressway in southern Zhejiang Province was completed ahead of schedule. It will become an important beam transportation channel for the entire line, laying an important foundation for the smooth opening of traffic conditions in 2022. However, the utilization rate of sand making on this “Tian Road” has reached 100%, which is the first high-speed project in Zhejiang that fully utilizes machine-made sand technology.

highway use artificial sand

Why can machine-made sand catch up from behind and seize the market? This is mainly due to its quality, quality, resources, and price advantages.

Quality advantages: The material source adopts natural stones, and the fixed, stable, mechanized production method ensures that the quality of the machine-made sand products is stable, adjustable and controllable.

Quality advantages: high surface energy and hydrophilicity; complete gradation; a variety of mineral components to choose from; stable particle gradation; particle shape can be improved. The particle size of machine-made sand is irregular, it has better adhesion when it is bonded with cement, stronger compression resistance and longer service life.

Resource advantages: Various waste resources can be used to properly sort and process tailings. Many tailings can be made into artificial sand and gravel with machine-made sand equipment, which not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also improves the utilization of natural resources The rate is fully in line with the requirements of circular economy and scientific development concept. In addition, natural sand has been mined for many years. The resources of natural sand are less and less, and the supply of natural sand is in short supply, and the price is soaring. There are sufficient raw materials for machine-made sand. Various ores, construction waste, tailings, coal gangue, etc. can be used to produce machine-made sand, so the mechanism can be guaranteed. The supply of sand is abundant and not subject to many restrictions like natural sand.

Price advantage: The price of machine-made sand varies from place to place, but compared with river sand, the price is cheaper. Compared with river sand, machine-made sand can be about 20 yuan cheaper per ton.

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